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For over 33 years Salazar Construction has been a national leader of innovative concrete construction techniques, solutions and customer satisfaction. Creativity and expertise to deliver efficient, cost-effective building solutions drives Salazar Construction.

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Core Construction

Structural Excavation + Concrete Formwork Design and Installation + Reinforcement Installation + Laser Screed Floor + Concrete Placement and Finishing


Pre Construction

Conceptual Estimating + Project Scheduling + Design assist and value engineering +Technical and Constructability Reviews + Thorough Review of Design Documents

Project Management

Safety Management + Quality Control + Productivity Management + Materials Procurement and Logistics + Field Engineering + Day-to-Day Guidance and Leadership

General Contracting

+ Building Permits + Securing + Managing Personnel + Surveying and Engineering + Recycling of Construction Waste + Monitoring Schedules and Cash Flows.


Floors and Concrete Surface Treatments + Technology Superflat Floors + High Tolerance F-min Floors + Tilt-Up Construction + Tunnel Form Construction+ Repair and Restoration

Concrete Contractor

“I get an immense sense of satisfaction seeing a project in its conception and standing in front of it in its completion. We take great pride in all our work.” Art Salazar, Sr., Founder and CEO.

Since 1986

Advanced Technology

Latest generation equipment for construction.

Skilled Labor

We are proud to have ACI Craftsman Certification.

Experience & Quality

Since 1986, we have provided exceptional concrete construction services.




Whether building a superflat floor, a flawless deck garage, or an exposed architectural wall, we follow rigorous procedures to provide you with superior workmanship. At Salazar, quality isn’t just about the end product, it is at the core of our entire construction process and our approach to client service. We push our capabilities to handle difficult tolerances and specifications. We insist on the most comprehensive inspection processes led by qualified team members to confirm quality at every stage.


Quality projects are not delivered by accident. We take care to understand our client’s quality requirements. We ensure the processes and systems are included in the preconstruction and construction phases of a project. Exceptional quality has been at the heart of Salazar Concrete Construction since day one. Today, that culture has not changed. Salazar prides itself on superior quality throughout.



We conduct thorough reviews of client contracts and supporting construction documents to ensure that we can achieve specified quality requirements. At critical points of transition, we use specific processes and meetings to transfer relevant knowledge to all parties. We regularly review and analyze the job management process documents to ensure that client requirements are met throughout all phases of a project.


We are known for meeting the most aggressive schedules. We pride ourselves on driving production – setting the pace for trades on the job site. Under normal conditions, we identify innovative solutions that cut production time. When a seemingly insurmountable hurdle arises, we find a solution. Whether by pre-planning to identify workflow issues or anticipating next day’s pour, Salazar crew will get the job done, fast. Our teams have been called upon repeatedly to aid projects that were in production and facing seemingly impossible challenges, we successfully got the job done – on time.


Successful projects rely on smart, comprehensive planning. Our rigorous project management process is the foundation that supports our quest to be the best and allows us to deliver superior work. This meticulous process has been shaped and refined over four decades of management and construction experience. Built on principles of self-evaluation and continual quality improvement, it starts with preconstruction planning and dictates the day-to-day actions that we use to achieve consistent, quality construction.


We use advanced systems to generate daily and weekly reports to track our costs and productivity for all individual work items. Utilizing various tracking logs we keep a close eye on the status of work items, always staying up to date on what is remaining to complete each one, and compare it to the budget. This method gives us an accurate picture of the financial state of the project at all times. It also allows us to mitigate any undesired circumstances before they become problematic.


Putting sophisticated scheduling methods and experienced project teams to work, Salazar accurately projects and executes the milestone dates on a project. Through our impeccable execution, and our close interface with design engineering teams, we can easily manage the processes needed to achieve desired completion dates. As projects evolve, we relay relative project information to the engineering team to save design and construction time.